Your Common or Garden-Variety Prayer Shawl

Your Common or Garden-Variety Prayer Shawl

This is a dead easy triangular shawl in garter stitch for an absolute beginner.  All you need to know to do this project is casting on, knit, yarn over, and binding off.  That’s it.  It’s also a great stashbuster project.

Note:  Skinny yarn on big needles makes a delicate and lacy shawl; skinny yarn on small needles makes a thin, lightweight shawl that takes a long time to finish; fat yarn on big needles makes a thick, heavy shawl that is quick to knit; worsted weight yarn on medium size needles makes a medium weight shawl. You can use odds and ends of leftover yarn that are similar in weight to make a colorful striped shawl.

Materials:  Any kind of yarn(s) you want to use in any color(s) you like.

Needles:  A circular knitting needle at least 29 inches long in any needle size you like.

Cast on 2 stitches.

Row 1:  K1, yo, knit to the end of the row.

Repeat row 1 until the shawl is the size you want it.  Bind off.




Linus Scarf/Shawl


Linus Scarf/Shaw

This is a lovely asymmetrical scarf/shawl pattern by Annett Cordes that I got from my blog-friend The Innocent Abroad. I’ve borrowed Annett’s picture of it, too, for the time being.  The pattern is a free download, but I’ve made it a little easier for American knitters to understand, and put that version here.  What a great stashbuster project.

Cast on 5 stitches.
Row 1:  K4, kfb
Row 2:  K2, yo, knit until 2 stitches left. K2tog tbl.
Row 3:  Knit until 1 stitch left kfb.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the piece has reached the desired length. Bind off.