Arrow Afghan

2014_11_15-01Pictured is just a sample of the pattern stitch and is only 2 “arrows” wide. Afghan is written for 6 “arrows” wide.

Arrow Afghan

The pattern is in multiples of 24 stitches + 4.
You will need 5 markers. (1 less marker than the number of arrows

Cast on 148
Row 1: K26, place marker, *K24; place marker; repeat from * 4 times; K26.
Row 2. K2*(K2, yo, K9, K2tog, K11, slip marker); repeat from * 6 times, K2.
Repeat row 2, until the afghan is as long as you want it.
Bind off.

K = knit.
yo = yarn over.
K2tog = knit two stitches together.

Note:  Each “arrow” is 24 stitches wide. An extra 2 stitches were added to both the left and right edges to make a 4-stitches-wide bar to match those between the “arrows,” so the pattern is: K2 (Ax24 stitches) K2, where “A” is the number of arrows across the width.   The pattern is written for 6 arrows, but if you want 7 arrows, then K2 (7 x 24 stitches = 168 stitches) K2, so you would cast on 172 stitches (4 stitches for the K2 at the beginning and end of each row, plus 24 stitches for each arrow).   Eight arrows would be K2(8 x 24 stitches = 192 stitches)K2, so you would cast on 196 stitches, etc.

Probably 6-8 skeins of knitting worsted yarn would be enough to make this.  This would be a great “scrap yarn eater” project.

Pattern © Knits From The Owl Underground


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